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Next Board of Directors Meeting

  • AGM on Saturday December 16 – 2017 at 9 AM Belize Time

This website was updated on Jan 24, 2018

Reminder to PHCAL lot owners who have not paid their yearly fees. Please pay your fees so that the BOD can continue to make improvements and maintain the property.

About Progresso Heights

Progresso Heights is a secure and tranquil community nestled in Corozal District, Belize, on Cocos Lagoon. Residents have access to a community swimming pool, clubhouse, volleyball court, pier, boat ramp and a tropical lagoon setting all year round. If you’re interested in owning a piece of paradise in Progresso Heights, parcels are available for purchase at To learn more about Corozal, or about retiring in Belize, be sure to visit:,, and If you’d like a firsthand account of what it’s like living at Progresso Heights or if there’s anything else we could help you with, drop us a line at, we’ll be glad to assist.

About Progresso Heights Community Association, Ltd. (PHCAL)

The PHCAL is a non-profit corporation formed under the Laws of Belize in 2004. The Association operation was turned over to the property owners on August 3rd 2011. Progresso Heights Limited/PHL (the Belize Company that sells land parcels in Progresso Heights) is not affiliated with PHCAL. The purposes of PHCAL are to:

  • Operate, maintain and manage the property of PHCAL.
  • Further the interests of the PHCAL members.
  • Establish and enforce dues payment and assessments.
  • Engage in activities for the mutual benefit of the PHCAL members and property.

The Difference Between The Progresso Heights Community Association and the Progresso Heights Limited

The Progresso Heights Community Association, Limited (PHCAL) is the property maintenance company in Belize operated by the PHCAL members and receives the annual assessment payments used for property maintenance. The Progresso Heights Limited (PHL) is the developer’s company in Boca Raton, Florida, and the business that receives lot financing/mortgage payments. Any questions regarding acquiring title to lots purchased or monthly payments for the payment towards the purchase of a lot should be directed to the PHL at or Any questions regarding your Annual Fees or anything regarding the maintenance of the property should be directed to the PHCAL at Attorney for Progresso Heights limited email contact

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